Community Outreach

School-Based Therapy

WellSource are currently providing in-school therapy services to referred students at the following schools: Lincoln Intermediate School, John Adams Middle School, and Mason City High School in Mason City, IA; Charles City Middle School and Charles City High School in Charles City, IA. Therapy referrals can be made by contacting your school counselor or by contacting Wellsource at (641) 424-2075.

Family Treatment Court

Family Treatment Court is an interagency team helping North Iowans struggling with substance abuse who have lost, or are in danger of losing, their parental rights. The team consists of a presiding judge, attorneys, family therapists, and representatives from the Iowa Department of Human Services, Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, WellSource, Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Parent Partners (Lutheran Services in Iowa), and Crisis Intervention Services. Family Treatment Court participation is voluntary. It includes intensive supervision of parents and seeks to remedy concerns about mental health, domestic abuse, housing, transportation, employment, and child visitation. Program participants are expected to address their substance abuse, find employment, secure housing, and work to regain, or retain, their children in the home. Family Treatment Court is a year-long program with four phases: (1) Getting Started, Getting Sober, (2) Staying Sober, Getting Stronger, (3) Staying Stronger, Getting Self-Sufficient, and (4) Sobriety, Self Sufficiency.

Community Peer Support Services

Peer support services are provided by staff with a background incorporating personal recovery and professional training. Each peer serves multiple roles based on the needs of the individual they may be working with. Primary among these roles are outreach, mentoring, and advocacy. Outreach involves working with individuals who may be new to mental health services or who have withdrawn from services in the past due to negative experiences. Mentoring centers on the demonstration of living a healthy recovery oriented lifestyle and appropriately sharing their own recovery stories. Advocacy focuses on helping the individuals they work with to become empowered to direct their own care.

Early Childhood Outreach (ECHO)

The core focus of the ECHO team is prevention/intervention in early childhood mental health. The main goal is to screen children from birth to 5 years old for social/emotional concerns so that appropriate interventions can be put in place. Team ECHO also understands the importance of family and school involvement, so collaborating and building relationships with professionals and families in the community will be the underlying factors driving our efforts. Lastly, in addition to preventative services, children of all ages falling in the "targeted" and "intense" level of support will be a focus of team ECHO's intervention services.

Building Resilience in Children

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Law Enforcement Training

Upon request, WellSource provide mental health training for law enforcement, which is based on the Mental Health Training Module provided by the Iowa State Law Enforcement Academy. This four-hour training meets the state requirements of Senate File 2312 requiring mental health training for law enforcement officers.

At the conclusion of this training, officers will be able to:

  • Discuss the prevalence of various mental health disorders and the importance of reducing social stigma.
  • Identify potential signs and symptoms for a range of mental health problems, such as depression, suicide/non-suicidal self-injury, anxiety/trauma, and psychotic disorders.
  • Assess crisis situations and implement appropriate interventions.
  • Recognize when professional help is needed in situations involving individuals with mental illness.
  • Have greater confidence in providing help to individuals with mental illness.