Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric Services

The medical department at WellSource provides psychiatric evaluations, medication management, brief solution-focused therapy, and referral for a wide range of mental health issues throughout the lifespan. We focus on medication to assist with managing symptoms, often combined with therapy. Achieving good health requires a balance between mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional factors. Therefore, our medical providers work closely with your other providers to offer patient-centered care. Our medical director is joined by in-house and telemedicine psychiatric nurse practitioners, as well as psychiatric nurses to assist you with all your mental health needs.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Lasting approximately one hour, a psychiatric evaluation gets to the heart of why you need help. We ask questions to help guide us toward selecting the most appropriate medication and other treatment options for you. Reasons to seek our help may include experiencing feelings of sadness, worry, fear, hearing and seeing things you can’t explain, or feeling overly suspicious of others. You can bring anyone with you to this appointment if you feel they will help us better understand how you’ve been acting and feeling.

Medication Management

Monitoring your medication therapy is an important part of getting and staying well. After finishing a psychiatric evaluation, medication management appointments provide you with routine care to see how well your medication is working and discuss any concerns you may have about treatment.

Medication Assistance Program

We want all clients to get the medications they need, regardless of ability to pay. Your provider may be able to help with providing some medications to you through medication assistance programs (MAPs) or with medication samples. We have a staff member working closely with prescribers, nurses, and patients to complete the application process to obtain needed medications.